Error Code 19:599 Loss of control process SQLBackup.exe

Article ID: SQL0002 SQL iDA backup crashes after New Relic software has been installed. Both CVD.exe and SQLBackup.exe will crash when the job launches.


The job controller shows following error code and message.
Error Code 19:599: Loss of control process SQLBackup.exe . 


Possible causes:

1. The control process has unexpectedly died. Check Dr Watson log or core file.

2. The communication to the control process machine might have gone down due to network errors.

3. If the machine is a virtual server in a cluster, it may have failed over.

4. The machine may have rebooted.


A bug with the New Relic software has been identified causes the problems. Updating the Relic software to minimum of version will resolve the issue.

"Fixes cleanup of Component Object Model (COM) registration."

Please review with New Relic® Support to confirm the issue will be fixed with their update.