A Sybase Backup Might Fail after a new Commvault Installation

Article ID: SYB0001 After a new Commvault installation, a Sybase backup might fail.


The dump database that is part of the back operation fails. The log contains the following error message.

A00: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Unable to open API library for device 'SybGalaxy:: -at 5  -a 2:723 -c 462  -i 64 -j 959357 -jt 959357:3:1 -data  -t 1 -cn win-2k12-001 -vm Instance001 -idx 4'. Library path is 'C:\SAP\ASE-16_0\lib\libSybGalaxy.DLL'. LoadLibrary() returned: Code=126, Message=The specified module could not be foundError encountered by Backup Server. 


The software cannot load the libsybgalaxy module.


Restart the Sybase server and the backup server.