Slow performance on OnePass for Macintosh clients when using Get Info on a folder from Finder

Article ID: UFSOP0002 OnePass for Macintosh clients with ExtremeZ-IP and ArchiveConnect software installed may experience delays when browsing regular folders by using Finder.


User experiences slow performance when using Get Info in Macintosh Finder for OnePass files even though the GXHSM_IGNORE_ALT_STREAM_RECALLS additional setting is configured.


ExtremeZ-IP is reading files by using an alternate secondary data stream. It reads the alternate data stream from files in the current directory as well as recursively from the subfolders in the path selected in the Finder.


Prevent the unintentional recall of offline files by the Macintosh Finder utility.

  1. Configure ExtremeZ-IP to perform a file recall only if the Bring Online option is explicitly selected from Finder.
  2. Add the following additional settings on the client:
  • nDMRSSkipEraseCheck

For instructions on adding the additional setting, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.