Tapes are Exported Immediately When Imported into a Library

Article ID: VAULT0001 Aged Imported tapes are being exported by the next VaultTracker policy job.


When aged tapes are imported into the library, they are immediately exported again even though they are assigned to a Spare Media Pool.


Exported tapes that exceed data aging criterion are logicial assigned back to a Scratch media pool. Data on an aged media in a Scratch media pool can still be used for restore until it is overwritten. If aged, spare media is imported and a VaultTracker policy is run to export Aged spare media, the imported media will be exported.


Check for a Vault Tracker Policy that applies to the media. If the policy's Storage Policy copy applies and the Media Status criteria for Spare media includes "Aged" media then imported media with be exportd the next time a Vault Tracker action runs. You will have to remove the Spare Media ->Aged criterion to avoid this situation.