Restore Operation Fails When a Virtualized Computer Uses an E1000 or E1000E Adapter

Article ID: VMME0001 Restore operation fails when a Windows computer is virtualized using Virtualize Me with ESX Server version 5.x and an E1000 or E1000E network adapter.


If you virtualize a Windows computer using Virtualize Me for hosting on ESX Server 5.x an E1000 or E1000E network adapter is used for the resuting virtual machine, and any restore operation performed using the virtual machine may fail. 

You may observe the following error in clRestore.log:

5136 10bc 07/27 11:32:58 19274 CPipeLayer::InitiatePipeline SDT is using TCP [socket - 652]
5136 10bc 07/27 11:32:58 19274 [WARNING] This Client is VMWare hosted Virtual Machine with E1000 Network adopter. This configuration has a known issue with corrupting network packets. Please see (Article ID - 2058692) for additional details. It is suggested to reconfigure the virtual machine with VMXNet3 network adapter.


E1000 and E1000E network adapters are not recommended with virtual machines using the Windows operating system. This is a VMware known issue. For more information on this issue, see VMware KB article 2058692.


Change the network adapter of the virtualized machine to VMXNET3.