V10 only: Protected virtual machines do not display in the Backup Job Summary report or in the Job Details Virtual Machine Status tab.

Article ID: VMW0008 To display virtual machine status correctly, run a stored procedure that resolves duplicate GUIDs.


Backup jobs for VMware virtual machines complete successfully; but protected virtual machines are not shown in the Backup Job Summary report when Include Protected VMs option is selected, or in the Virtual Machine Status tab of the Job Details dialog box. 

Note: This article applies only to Simpana Version 10.


This issue occurs when multiple VMs have the same BIOS UUID or instance UUIDs. Duplicate GUIDs can be created in the following situations:

  • After upgrade from 9.0 to 10.0.
  • After using vCloud Director to deploy virtual machines from templates. 


To resolve duplicate GUIDs:

  1. Upgrade the CommServe host to Commvault version 10 with Service Pack 8. 
  2. Run the following script from a command prompt on the CommServe host:

qoperation execscript -sn CleanupVirtualServerDuplicateGUIDs

After running the script and performing a new incremental or full backup, VM status will be displayed correctly for the next backup job.