Backup of VMs on vCenter Server Appliance fails with vCenter error "CommVault failing to login - incorrect credentials"

Article ID: VMW0027 ##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_SCREEN_PRODUCT_NAME_## login to a Linux vCenter Server Appliance might fail if the IP address on a network time protocol (NTP) server was changed.


When ##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_SCREEN_PRODUCT_NAME_## is used to back up virtual machines running on a Linux vCenter Server Appliance, the backup might fail. The following error is displayed in the Tasks and Events section in the vCenter:

 CommVault failing to login - incorrect credentials


This issue can occur when the IP address for an external network time protocol (NTP) server is changed. As a result the primary domain controller is not able to synchronize the time with the external NTP server.


To resolve this issue, provide the correct IP address for the NTP server as described in Add or Replace NTP Servers in the vCenter Server Appliance Configuration.