Live Sync replication jobs might fail because the replication process tries to restore files to the \Windows\System32 folder.

Article ID: VMW0032 In some cases, the extended options for a Live Sync replication job are not used correctly for the replication process. You can run a script to ensure that the replication job uses the configured options.


A Live Sync replication job might try to restore files to the \Windows\System32 folder, and fail as a result. The job might show the following error message:

ERROR CODE [23:70]: There is not enough space on the disk. Failed while restoring [file_name] on machine [machine_name].

The ImgFileileLvlRestore.log file might show entries such as the following: 

BackupWrite failed for [directory_name].


This issue occurs when the extended job options for the Live Sync job are not used by the replication process, and a file restore job to the \Windows\System32 folder is launched instead.


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. For Live Sync schedules where this problem occurs, disable Live Sync.
  2. Clean up the \Windows\System32 folder on the VSA proxy to remove the files that were written by the failed replication job.
  3. Run a Disaster Recovery backup. 
  4. Download the QScript - fixExtendedJobOptionMismatch.sql package from the Commvault Store.
  5. Copy the fixExtendedJobOptionMissmatch.sqle script to the Base folder on the CommServe system.
  6. If the VSA machine is also acting as a MediaAgent, ensure that no jobs are in progress.
  7. Execute the qscript using the following command:

    qscript -f fixExtendedJobOptionMissmatch.sqle

  8. Enable Live Sync schedules for the affected VMs.