The Web Console or Commvault mobile applications do not work

Article ID: WEB0003 The Web Console and Commvault mobile applications require that Anonymous Authentication is enabled in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The Commvault installation program enables Anonymous Authentication by default; however, some third-party applications can disable this setting.


The Web Console and Commvault mobile applications do not work. You may receive an error: Internal Error 500.


Anonymous Authentication was disabled by a third-party application.


Open Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and enable Anonymous Authentication. For instructions on using IIS Manager, go to the Microsoft TechNet website, IIS Manager Feature Overview.

  1. On the Web Server, open the IIS Manager console.
  2. Go to Sites > Consoles.

The Console Home pane displays the available features.

  1. In Features View, double-click Authentication.
  2. Under Authentication, verify that Anonymous Authentication is enabled.

If Anonymous Authentication is disabled, right-click it and select Enable.