Block-level Backup Fails

Article ID: WFS0017 A block-level backup might fail due to disk problems.


A block-level backup fails, and you might observe the following error in the CVFSSnap.log log file:

6264 1418 05/22 18:09:21 4973350 CsFileSystemSnapshotBlockLevelBackup::Initialize(168) - --- 8:41.549614
6264 1418 05/22 18:09:21 4973350 main(95) - 0x80070306:{CsFileSystemSnapshotBlockLevelBackup::Initialize(207)} + {CsFileSystemSnapshotBlockLevelBackup::ProcessBackcupContent(247)} + {CsFileSystemSnapshotBlockLevelBackup::ValidateBackupContent(424)/Device status check failed or device is in invalid state, device=D:\} + {CsFileSystemSnapshotBlockLevelBackup::CheckDeviceStatus(632)/W32.774.(One or more errors occurred while processing the request.)-=[chkdsk.exe \\?\Volume{16182e8a-5c3a-11e5-9389-0050569f6102}], error=3, errno=2}


A disk problem might have been encountered. When a full block-level backup starts, the chkdsk command runs automatically to check for disk errors. If a disk error is found, then the backup might fail, and you might see the error message in CVFSSnap.log log file.


Run the chkdsk command manually, and troubleshoot the disk errors.