Deduplication database reaching QI time threshold

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The Average Query & Insertion (QI) time for the past three days of a DDB partition has reached 70% (Major) or 90% (Critical) of the two millisecond threshold,


The following event message marked with Major and Critical severity is displayed in the Event Viewer window.

Deduplication database(s) reaching QI time threshold. Jobs will stop running once the threshold is crossed [{StoreName[ ](date/time] StoragePolicy [ ] Copy [ ] MediaAgent[ ] Path [ ] PrimaryRecords[ ] AvgQITime[ ]}]. Please review the deduplication database configuration. For more details please refer Deduplication Building Block Guide on Books Online.


The DDB database/partition  is highly loaded or on a sub-optimal disk or MediaAgent resulting in slower Query Insertion (QI) time.

Note that the average QI time for the past three days is calculated as a three day average of the median QI time values for each day.

Calculations for (QI) time of a DDB partition warnings:

70% (Major) or 90% (Critical) of the two millisecond threshold



Make sure that the DDB is hosted on a server with a high-speed processor and effective memory that delivers good deduplication performance.

Depending on your environment, relocate the DDB to a storage that meets the performance requirements associated with deduplication operations. To ensure optimal performance for deduplication operations, the disk that is hosting the DDB must satisfy the specifications referenced in the Deduplication Building Block Guide.

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