Setting the Commvault Directory and File Permissions After Installing or Upgrading a UNIX File System or a UNIX Database

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When you install any of the following components, the Commvault software creates a set of directories:

After you perform an installation, perform an upgrade, or apply a service pack, you must set the file permissions in each of the directories to the values that are listed in the following table.

Note: Set the directories and subdirectories with the following permissions:

  1. To allow only the root uses to access the directory, set the directory permission to 700.
  2. To allow the root users and the group users to access the directory, set the directory permission to 770.
  3. To allow all of the users to access the directory, set the directory permission to 777.

For AIX, there are additional considerations. For more information, see Installations - Best Practices.

V10 Directory V11 Directory Description File Permission
/etc/CommVaultRegistry /etc/CommVaultRegistry The registry directory 660
/opt/simpana /opt/commvault The install directory
Files that are not executable files must have the 660 permission.

Files that are executable files or executable text files must have the 750 permission.




The log directories 660
/opt/simpana/iDataAgent/jobResults /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/jobResults The job results directory 660
/opt/simpana/MediaAgent/IndexCache /opt/commvault/MediaAgent/IndexCache The  index cache directory 660

When you change permissions for the executable files and the text files in the installation directory, verify that a file is a text file or an executable file by running the file command.

For example, to set the permission to 660 on all text files that reside under the install directory, on the command line, type the following:

find /opt/simpana -type f -print0 | xargs -0r file | grep 'text' | grep -v 'text executable' | awk -F: '{print $1}' | xargs chmod -v 660

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