Backup copy jobs take a long time to complete because metatdata is collected

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Schedule policies might have the Enable Granular Recovery option selected by default if a value was not specified during policy creation.


Backup copy jobs might collect metadata unexpectedly, resulting in longer times to complete the jobs. You can verify that metadata collection is occurring by checking the vsbkp.log file for the job, where this message would be included:

vsJobMgr::initBackupMetadaCollectionDefault() - Granular Metadata will be performed per backup options.


In schedule polices that were created in Service Pack 6 or earlier, the setting that is displayed in the Advanced Options dialog box for the Enable Granular Recovery option might not accurately reflect the value that is used for backups, unless you explicitly set the value when creating the schedule policy.


When creating or editing a task in the backup copy schedule policy, or when running a backup copy from a subclient and creating a schedule:

  1. Click Advanced in the Backup Copy for dialog box.
    The Advanced Options for Backup Copy dialog box appears with the Data tab selected by default.
  2. Verify that the Enable Granular Recovery For Backup Copy option is not selected, or select the option to collect metadata for jobs using the policy.
  3. Click OK.

Important: Click OK even if you did not change the value.

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