“No valid afiles in index”: A reference copy job fails

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Article Type: Troubleshooting

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A reference copy job fails with errors.


A reference copy job fails with the following errors in the Browse log file:

44868 9888  03/14 08:33:03 10080 I2::IdxCTreeApp::StartBrowse() - Error while processing browse request, err

[0xECCC0002:{I2::IdxCTreeApp::DoBrowse(910)} + {I2::IdxFSApp::FillVersionFilters(353)} +

{I2::CommonView::GetValidAfileList(987)/ErrNo.2.(No such file or directory)-No valid afiles in index.}]


From the list of qualified jobs for a reference copy job, Commvault software skips synthetic full jobs (on the source subclient).


  1. Perform an incremental backup operation on the source subclient.
  2. Perform a reference copy operation.
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